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Home Gateway and Firewall Print E-mail
Image I have written a Home Gateway and Firewall which is now pblicerad to Open Source at github.  It runs preferably on a Raspberry Pi or similar systems with embedded Linux.
It has a lot of features that I find lacking in any commercial products, including a system to exclude spam sites and trackers.
Headwall is a home gateway, firewall and network bridge that is designed to
run on hardware that is widely available to anyone with an interest in
embedded systems and Linux.

Exampled hardware could be Rasperry Pi, PandaBoard, BeagleBoardor similar
systems that can be purchased over the counter.

The goal of the design of this system is that it should be easy to use and
configure with the technical terms and properties as far as possible, hidden
to the user.
Internally, a goal that as far as possible, verify user inputs and give
guidance during configuration.

* Linux based Home Gateway and Wireless Bridge
* DHCP Server in stand alone mode
* DNS Server in stand alone mode
* DDNS (DNS and DHCP integrated)
* Firewall based on shorewall
* URL outgoing filtering with tracker jump over
* Watchdog (hard) surveillance of network connectivity
* VPN Server for the LAN
* Mass storage CIFS server for the LAN

* lighthttpd web server for device configuration
* PHP and JavaScript for device management
* HTML5 verified code
* Auto scaling of fonts - looks beter on tablets
* Session management, password protection & auto logout
* Wireless setup pages
* Wireless Site Survey dialog
* DNS and DHCP Management pages
* Firewall management pages
* Firewall logs (drop, reject)
* Virtual Hosts management (nat and port orchestration)
* URL blacklist management
* Blacklist rejects statistics
* VPN Management
* CIFS management of attached disks
* Bittorrent client

A binary disk image for the Raspberry Pi can be downloaded here: bridge-dist.img
Installation instructions here: docs/BINARIES
More screen shots: here




Active Filter
Direct Speaker connection
3-bands Linkwitz-Riley filter
Four channel DC coupled
No passive filters

Linux Home Gateway
DHCP Server
DNS Server
URL filtering
VPN Server 
CIFS server