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Glass Cockpit for leisure boats Print E-mail

WebsocketNMEA released to github https://github.com/ehedman/websocketNmea
The wsocknmea application package is a marine glass cockpit solution that features electronic marine instrument displays, typically used on private sailing yachts. The look and feel of the visualized instruments tries to mimic the look of real physical instruments and will by design avoid a digital look.


Currently there are  nine virtual instrument working:

  • Log               : SOW, SOG
  • Wind             : Real, Relative and speed
  • Depth            : With low water warning and water temp
  • Compass       : With heading
  • Goggle Map  : With current satellite view and AIS radar function
  • Volt meter     : From ADC
  • Clock            : The vessels time
  • GPS              : Lo, Lat and Heading
  • WaterMaker  : Conductivity, temp, volume (separate project)

All instrument can be viewed stand-alone or integrated in a navigation panel with five selected instruments viewed at the same time.

NMEA data is collected from a software MUX and then in turn muticasted to the glass cockpit as well as other compatible system such as OpenCpn.

Check some screen shots here:


Active Filter
Direct Speaker connection
3-bands Linkwitz-Riley filter
Four channel DC coupled
No passive filters

Linux Home Gateway
DHCP Server
DNS Server
URL filtering
VPN Server 
CIFS server