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PonyGalleryPlus is a Mambo component based on the PonyGallery 1.13 originally made by Danial Taherzadeh  and  Arthur Konze.
This branch adds the following features:
  • Per picture attributes of allow voting, allow comment and show hits
  • Optionally use of a unique thumbnail picture
  • GD thumbnail generation support is optional
  • New category option named "ListView"
  • Write (upload) and read access permission levels
  • Swedish language translation

Pictures belonging to a category with the listview option set will be presented as demonstratet on this page under the mambo demos menu "For Sale" or at this riding school:  Hagerneholms Ridcenter

A  visitor won`t  know that he/she is in a gallery component.
On the other hand listview items will not be exposed in the gallery.

With other words: listview items have a more formal appearance without the features of playing around with votes, comments etc,
Listview items can be moved to the gallery by alterning the items' category to a "normal" gallery category and vice versa.

A meny item to a listview category should be defined as a wrapper into the gallery component.
When a galley category is created with the listview option checked it vill present the URL for the wrapper to be feeded into the URL field for the wrapper menu item.

Plese note that the listview category must be created first, then view it again to get the URL.
The listview attribute can be unchecked and then all items belonging to this category will appear in the gallery.

Setting a write permission level on a category allows the administrator to assign public (a lower level)  view permission for a category but to upload pictures from the user panel the member must match the minimum write permission level.

Go to the download section to grab it!.



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