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Evreg 0.9 is a mambo component that allows a visitor to register himself to an event that is offered by the site owner.
This component can be useful to offer training classes, a party or anything else that can be defined as a event that has a duration over time.

Evreg offer the following features:
  • Admin/Editor defined events
  • A title, description and location
  • Duration, price
  • Contact information
  • Auto/Manual Email confirmation of registration.
  • Auto Email re- confirmation to registred users of event changes in time and place etc.
  • Admin/Editor section to monitor and manage incomming registrations
  • Auto decrement/increment of event registrations depending of confirmation state
  • User panel for registered members
  • My Events
  • New events
  • Status: changed/confirmed/new time/fully booked/cancelled and de- registered

can be suitable for smaller organizations such as a sports club, education centres or just a family.
Evreg has Swedish and English translations. In the language file the terms far a registration should be defined.
As an example Swedish users should be informed about the legal implications of giving up their personal data to the site owner.

Check this live example.

You can grab your free (GPL) copy in the download section and/or run a demo from the Event Registration menu.

To run the demo with the member and admin features exposed login as testuser and password testuser.
Please note that the demo will NOT send confirmation emails.


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