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Mambo Questionnaire Component Print E-mail
Extpoll 1.0 is a Mambo component that allows a site manager to compose a questionnaire of an arbitrary number of questions.
With this component you can formulate a questionnaire and collect the answers as an email sent to a per questionnaire dedicated receiver.

Currrently you can compose the questionnaire wirh the following pre- defined answer types:

  • A yes/not/don't know selection
  • A single line
  • A textarea
  • A rating of 1 to 5 i.e bad to good
  • Select one of many
  • Select many of many

The questionnaire has a start date and a end date for publishing and the questionnaire will be exposed either as public or exclusively for members or special members.

Any visitor can get a printer friendly copy suitable as a paper handout as an alternative.

Answers are sent as nice html formatted emails to the dedicated receiver.

Admins can analyze the collected polls as statistics presented as text and nice pie charts.

You can test it from the Questionnaire link and if you login as testuser (pw:testuser) you can with some limitations create a new questionnaire and/or edit an existing one or just have a look at the statistics.

If you like it you can grab your free (GPL) copy in the download section.



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